Mel Kiper's latest 2010 Big Board

This is not a mock draft. Let me just state that up front. As we enter the time of year where those begin to arrive, I hear constantly how "So-and-so could never go No. 1!" when people check out the latest board -- to which I'll often reply, "Couldn't agree more." The Big Board is about the best pro prospects, not where they'll land. This is about determining value. It's about deciding what pick was a reach, and what pick was a source of great value.

When I do unveil my first mock -- in the third week of January -- Jake Locker won't be in it, which is a noticeable change in this week's Big Board as well. Locker -- wisely, as I've said for a while -- decided to stay in school, even with his stock rising. He could very well end up atop this board next year. But he's out of the picture for now for the purposes of the Big Board, so read on for the latest shuffle.

Big Board Bar

1Ndamukong SuhDT6-4300 Analysis: Explosive, relentless and consistent. Last week: No. 1

2Gerald McCoyDT6-4297 Analysis: Disruptive force. Productive NFL career ahead. Last week: No. 2

3Eric BerryDB5-11203 Analysis: Ultimate playmaker, in the Ed Reed mold. Last week: No. 3


Jimmy Clausen


Analysis: Improved through adversity, has under-center experience. Last week: No. 4

5Sam BradfordQB6-4223 Analysis: Has underrated arm, great feel for position; is superaccurate. Last week: No. 6