Kiper's Mel Bag: Clausen or Bradford?

Miami can't go wrong if Rolando McClain falls to them at No. 12. Getty Images

There are a ton of good questions in the mailbag this week after my first post-mock mailbag last week. Today, I'm trying to hit some issues where you can really split hairs -- like why one shotgun quarterback is rated so much higher than another, or where a team might be in an ideal position to trade down, or why a guy whose stock is slipping at one position may be good at another. Also, to send a question, go here.

Anyway, on to the questions.

Q: The Dolphins definitely need help in several positions, most importantly at WR, and along their front seven. I would love either Dez Bryant or Rolando McClain, but I don't see either of them falling to the 12th pick. Who would be best if the Dolphins don't land either?

-- Oscar Navarro (Miami, Fla.)

A: I agree it's a tough position because I think Miami needs to land either Bryant there or a top linebacker, and if neither falls, then you really run into a question of value. Another WR at No. 12 past Bryant is a clear reach on my current board, as is any ILB. I think this is one place where a team like Miami could try to move off that pick and drop down so they can add a pick -- and this team has multiple needs -- and then find some better value. Beyond the more obvious late-first-round options like Arrelious Benn and Golden Tate, I think Georgia Tech WR Demaryius Thomas will be a really hot name as the draft approaches (and out of the combine, which takes place Feb. 24-March 2). He's a big guy who averaged 25.1 yards a catch, but he was hidden in a run-oriented offense. He has a big frame and would be the downfield threat that Miami really hasn't gotten from Ted Ginn Jr. So sure, if Bryant or McClain are there, you can't go wrong, but an alternative plan would be smart.

Q: How much does the way Jimmy Clausen play remind you of Brady Quinn? I'm only wondering because Quinn slipped in the draft and hasn't made an impact in the NFL yet.

-- Jordan (Melrose, Mass.)