Mel Kiper's latest 2010 Big Board

Over the past few weeks we've seen some new names added to the Big Board, but this week the biggest story is the addition of a player who was here back in August, saw his stock fade and has since regained status as a possible first-round pick in my eyes.

That would be Colt McCoy. The bottom line with McCoy is he's a player I began to question during the season because he simply didn't show off an impressive arm, and size became a question. Since the season, however, my evaluations of his arm strength and size have improved, and I'm more convinced now that his performance was far more a product of the system he was in, and the talent around him. It's not that he couldn't throw a deep ball, he simply wasn't given the chance. I still see him as a similar player to Jake Plummer -- not a star, but a very good player -- but he has a stronger arm. I also think that if the Redskins either can't trade up for Sam Bradford, and opt to pass on Jimmy Clausen, McCoy is a player that Mike Shanahan may set his sights on. Not likely with the No. 4 pick, of course.

Here lives the latest (dual) mock draft we've posted. There will be a new one early next week. But for now, on to the Board.

Big Board Bar

1Ndamukong SuhDT6-4300 Analysis: Explosive, relentless and consistent. Last week: No. 1

2Gerald McCoyDT6-4297 Analysis: Disruptive force. Productive NFL career ahead. Last week: No. 2

3Eric BerryDB5-11203 Analysis: Ultimate playmaker in the Ed Reed mold. Last week: No. 3

4Jimmy ClausenQB6-3223 Analysis: Accurate, under-center experience, competitive and tough. Last week: No. 4

5Sam BradfordQB6-4223 Analysis: Underrated arm, great feel for position, super accurate. Last week: No. 5