Washington just shifted the draft

Before I get into the number of ways the Donovan McNabb deal will change personnel decisions around the NFL draft, one problematic trend continues: The Redskins simply do not have a lot of regard for draft choices.

How else can you put it? Just take that statement for what it is. It's not downplaying what kind of impact a player like McNabb can make in Mike Shanahan's system. It's simply a fact that aside from their No. 4 pick, the Skins have largely traded out of this draft. They now don't have any other picks within the top 100, and with the current crop of talent, that No. 37 pick the Eagles just picked up is practically a first-rounder. The McNabb pick-up may become a great success story in Washington, but the organization -- regardless of who has been in charge under Dan Snyder -- keeps kicking draft choices to the curb, and the roster has and will suffer. It's nice to pick up great players, but it's not the way to build a great team. You simply have to emphasize the draft.

Now, with how this move will create waves: