2011 NFL draft: Top 5s

About two weeks ago, I released my 2010 NFL draft grades. The NFL has become a 24-7, 12-month operation, though; so we're looking at the 2011 NFL draft -- the dates are as of yet undetermined by the league -- already.

The lists below will show you the top five players at each position among seniors and players expected to consider entering the '11 draft. You can use it as a very early road map for that draft; much will change in the summer, the fall college football season and then, obviously, the litany of pre-draft workouts and tests for those who do declare.

You've already heard some of the main names to keep track of, for sure -- Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, Ryan Mallett, Anthony Castonzo, Marcell Dareus, Adrian Clayborn, etc. -- but these lists offer a look at position depth, as well.

(Asterisk denotes underclassmen.)