Amukamara's stock far too high

Prince Amukamara did not fare well against elite competition last season. Reese Strickland/US Presswire

One of the humorously compelling subplots of the classic football movie "North Dallas Forty" is the quarterback competition between Seth Maxwell (Mac Davis) and Art Hartman (Marshall Colt).

Hartman is big, strong, fast, young and lives a squeaky clean lifestyle, while Maxwell has a long history of being a party animal.

It doesn't turn out well for Hartman in the end because, in spite of the benefit the aforementioned traits give him, the simple fact of the matter is that Maxwell is better suited to adapt and excel versus competition at the highest level. Physical characteristics and good living are all fine and well, but the bottom-line determinant in the NFL is who performs better on the field.

This lesson is one that NFL teams ought to be considering when deciding whether or not to draft Nebraska Cornhuskers cornerback Prince Amukamara in the first round.