Top 5 non-seniors by position

College football returns a week from tomorrow. The last time I looked at the top five guys by position was on June 16; as we gear up for the season, there are a few changes and some similarities to that list.

The biggest change is that I'm back to listing these as two separate groups -- seniors and draft-eligible non-seniors. So, at the QB slot, Andrew Luck and Jake Locker, for example, will be listed in different groups; Luck is not a senior.

This list below is non-seniors. Here you'll find guys like Luck, Robert Quinn and Akeem Ayers. These guys could enter the 2011 NFL draft -- or they could stick around for another year. We'll know more about that this winter.

For a better look at a mix of prospects, check out my Big Board.

Much will obviously change as college seasons unfold and NFL team needs become clear, but this is an early road map to the 2011 NFL draft in terms of player tiers.