Top five seniors by position

The lists below spotlight the top seniors in the country by position. Here you'll find guys like Jake Locker, Anthony Castonzo, Daniel Thomas, Noel Devine and more.

One note first: One of the big stories of the last couple of weeks has been the seeming draft stock plunge of Locker. On this list -- because this list is just senior prospects -- he remains the No. 1 QB. There was a switch among QBs, though. Nathan Enderle came back, replacing Andy Dalton.

One note on stats: Right now, the stats listed are 2009. If you want 2010 stats, click a player's name. It will take you to his player card, and the 2010 stats will be on top. We're going to transition all stats to 2010 as conference play continues to play out, when there's more consistency in evaluating the 2010 numbers.