Top five non-seniors by position

The lists of top NFL prospects below are comprised of non-seniors. Here you'll find guys like Andrew Luck, Robert Quinn and Akeem Ayers. These guys could enter the 2011 NFL draft, or they could stick around for another year. We'll know more about that this winter.

There were a few changes from last week. I put Terrelle Pryor back as the No. 5 QB, replacing John Brantley. If you watched the Alabama-Florida game, you know Brantley has a few steps to take before becoming a potential NFL starter. LaMichael James moved up a spot among RBs. If you watched the Stanford-Oregon game, you saw what James did against a physical defense. Mike Martin, from that porous Michigan defense, shows up among defensive players, too.

We're using 2010 stats for these guys now. If you want 2009 stats, click on the names and go to player cards.