Top five non-seniors by position

The lists of top NFL prospects below are comprised of non-seniors. Here you'll find guys like Andrew Luck, Robert Quinn and Akeem Ayers. These guys could enter the 2011 NFL draft, or they could stick around for another year. We'll know more about that this winter.

In advance of his first big road game this year -- against the Wisconsin Badgers -- I dropped Terrelle Pryor off the QB list. This guy has been on and off the non-seniors list since the summer, usually getting to No. 5 and then falling off with either Nick Foles or John Brantley coming on. When Pryor does decide to enter the NFL draft, be it this year or next year, it'll create a lot of discussion -- maybe not a Tim Tebow level, but people will bring up NFL position and similar topics.

We're using 2010 stats for these guys now. If you want 2009 stats, click on the names and go to player cards.