And now, toward the 2012 draft

Luck surprised many by coming back to school, and as a result, he heads the current 2012 QB crop. Getty Images

We know who's in and who's out for the 2011 NFL draft -- you can find those guys listed here, by position -- so this is a different look: These are guys returning to school next fall. The big name here is obviously Andrew Luck, but some observers also expected others to jump to the NFL -- Janoris Jenkins, Justin Blackmon, Dan Herron, etc. They are all listed here.

This list won't change a ton between now and the 2011 draft -- after all, these guys won't be at the combine, working out for teams and doing all the things 2011 draftees will be doing -- but you can think of it as a very early (very early) road map to the 2012 NFL draft.