Cam Newton's many hurdles

Cam Newton won all of his games at Auburn, but he's far from a sure thing as an NFL QB. Dale Zanine/US Presswire

There have been a number of retorts to last week's article that said Cam Newton should not be a first-round pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

The gist of most of them is that whatever mechanical issues Newton has that currently make him a less-than-polished pro prospect could be overcome with NFL-caliber coaching.

That is certainly a valid point, but as noted near the end of the article, the three items listed there were only part of a much larger array of question marks.

To be more specific, there are at least seven other issues of note for any team that drafts Newton. And again, I am not saying that Newton shouldn't be drafted or is destined to be a bust. I am questioning the premise that he should be an ironclad lock for the first round. Here are more reasons:

Limited experience in reading defenses

Newton basically ran a one-read offense at Auburn and wasn't asked to go through the complex read progressions he'll have to go through in the NFL.