Teams in worst draft position

The Oakland Raiders could use one of those first-round picks they gave up for Carson Palmer. AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

With the NFL draft coming up on April 26, some teams are in far better shape than others. Although several teams (Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals) have multiple picks in the first round, there are a couple teams that don't have any.

Below is a list of the four teams that are in the worst shape for the 2012 NFL draft.

Atlanta Falcons

Because of their trade up last year with the Browns to acquire WR Julio Jones, who does have the makings of an NFL star wide receiver, the Falcons are now without first- and fourth-round picks in the 2012 draft. In free agency, Atlanta was extremely effective in bringing back its players, and the Falcons' core is pretty much intact for next year (minus LB Curtis Lofton). While I can't be extremely critical of that strategy, I now see Atlanta as a quickly aging team. This is particularly true at tight end, running back and defensive end. In addition to needing an infusion of youth in these spots, Atlanta could use a starting left tackle, right guard and reinforcements to its secondary, where depth is a problem. How does an aging team remedy that problem?