Plenty of draft intrigue here

When it comes to the NFL draft, some teams are in better positions than others. Here are four that appear to have a lot going for them, in terms of options and maneuverability.

Buffalo Bills

It will be very interesting to see how Buffalo uses the No. 10 pick. Free agency treated this team very well and the Bills look to be a team on the rise. The Bills also have extra picks in the fourth, fifth and seventh rounds. Having so many picks, and not lacking for overall depth as they often are this time of year, the Bills could be players over the course of this draft.

I am just throwing it out there, but I sure bet coach Chan Gailey would love to get his hands on QB Ryan Tannehill. And that situation in Buffalo would be excellent for Tannehill's development, as he could sit behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and learn his craft under Gailey. If I were in charge of the Bills, I would be very interested in moving up to the seventh overall pick to grab Tannehill if he's still available.