Ranking top NFL draft QBs

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are the consensus top QBs in the draft. But who is behind them? US Presswire

I study quarterbacks. Literally, that's what I do, pretty much year-round. During the NFL season, I'm addicted to the tape when I'm not in airports. During the draft process, I'll go through footage on prospects reaching back into their high school days. (You can tell a lot about a quarterback's ceiling by looking at the improvements he's already made.) After the draft, I spend time coaching up the next generation of college quarterbacks. The subject is my passion.

The 2012 NFL draft class is loaded with promise at the position. I'm probably more bullish than some of our other analysts, and you'll see that in my breakdowns on each guy. My evaluations will cover a few areas. One, his prospect status -- meaning how good he can be and what the downside, or floor, could be. Second, I'll note his current NFL status, or "readiness." Then I'll give my scouting take, plus the challenges he'll face.

This is the first of two batches. These are guys I think can go in the first three rounds. For the rest, we'll post the night before Rounds 4 through 7.

Andrew Luck

Prospect status: Elite ceiling, high floor
NFL status: Immediate starter