Breaking down the 2012 RB class

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When evaluating running backs and fullbacks, it is important to consider all aspects of their games -- competitiveness, vision/patience, agility/acceleration, power/balance and their skills in the passing game.

Here's how we rank the top running backs on Scouts Inc.'s initial 2012 draft board in each of the above skill sets (non-seniors noted with an asterisk), as well as a look at all draftable running backs and fullbacks, market trends at each position and 2011 Day 1 running backs.


There is a lot more to running ability than size, strength and speed. It starts with the insatiable will to gain as many yards on a given play as humanly possible and then continue to fight for one more. Ball security is included in this area.

Top three in class
1. Trent Richardson, Alabama
2. Doug Martin, Boise State
3. David Wilson, Virginia Tech