Top 2013 NFL draft value picks

Johnathan Franklin was a very productive running back at UCLA over his career. Cal Sport Media via AP Images

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With NFL draft coverage becoming more in-depth than ever before, it's increasingly difficult to find diamond-in-the-rough prospects.

In spite of this trend, there are still more than a few players who have metric and scouting eye cases that say they are currently being valued at least a round lower than they should be.

Here are five potential value picks for the 2013 NFL draft:

Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA

Franklin is UCLA's single-season and career rushing leader, and yet he can't seem to break out of the perception that he is a second-round-caliber talent.

The numbers thoroughly disagree with that assessment.

In an 11-game review of his 2012 season, Franklin racked up 10.1 good blocking yards per attempt (GBYPA), which gauges a running back's productivity when he receives good blocking. That is a higher total than the GBYPA marks posted last year by Eddie Lacy (9.4), Andre Ellington (8.3), Marcus Lattimore (7.8) and Le'Veon Bell (5.6).