First look at 2013 DB class

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When evaluating defensive backs, it is important to consider all aspects of their games -- instincts, coverage skills, ball skills and run support. With our initial 2013 NFL draft board complete, here's how we rank the top defensive backs by skill set (draft-eligible underclassmen denoted with an asterisk), our rankings of all prospects with a draftable grade, Round 1 and 2 picks from 2012, plus recent market trends for defensive backs.


Prepares and knows opponents' tendencies. Reads keys, diagnoses information and reacts quickly. Above-average route recognition skills and tracks the ball well. Has "selective amnesia" and doesn't allow negative play to snowball into negative series, quarter or game. Is disciplined. Understands role and consistently executes assignment. Rarely gets caught peeking into the backfield; stays home against play action.