McShay & Kiper: Mock draft debate

Much of the first-round projection depends on how teams view Geno Smith and the draft's QBs. Peter G. Aiken/USA Today Sports

This week, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay each released a second mock draft of the year. But with the two experts diverging on their projections in several intriguing instances, we decided to press them for deeper explanations. The following analysis helps bring into focus key questions concerning how the top of the draft will play out, whether there's a QB worthy of a top-10 pick, and what the situation at running back will look like in April.


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You guys split on the No. 1 pick. Feeling confident?

Todd: Not really. I think there are two questions we still have to answer. One, what do the Kansas City Chiefs do at QB? Only the Chiefs know their plan of attack. They need to evaluate QBs in free agency and rookie QBs. They need to figure out if a free-agent QB is going to be a stopgap QB or quote-unquote franchise QB. Is there a QB that interests them at some point in the draft? The second question is what their plan is with Brandon Albert. If they don't have a QB they like for the No. 1 overall pick and Albert comes back, there's a stronger likelihood they could go in a different direction. That's why I went with the choice of Star Lotulelei.