Glennon and the 'prototype' debate

For the Jon Gruden QB Camp series, we wanted Insiders to see a little more. So we dispatched ESPN.com NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas to Tampa, Fla., to sit in with the coach and squeeze out a little more insight. This is the result.

I don't know what a prototypical quarterback looks like. I only know what a prototypical quarterback performs like. I'm not sure I was ever completely convinced there was a perfect combination of height, arm and presence. Just give me a good quarterback that can handle a lot of football, make difficult throws, be durable, be consistent and deliver at crunch time. I don't know what the desired size is anymore. I'd think maybe we put to bed the whole "too short" argument for a few years with Russell Wilson around. Hey, I've even heard people question the size aspect altogether. Does size allow defenses to read you better? Is it harder to get a snap from your center? Can defensive linemen see you better and tip more passes? I'm not sure.

But I know there have always been believers. And for those believers, Mike Glennon would fit the description. Do you like the old convention of a quarterback as that perfect combination of size and arm strength? In this draft, here's your guy.

The question is whether what he is as a classic prototype makes up for what he's not. On the positive side, it has to start with the arm.