Holding steady in the Top 32

We are a little more than a week away from the 2013 NFL draft, and there hasn't been much change at all in the Top 32. While we may have a flip-flop here and there, and we may do some shuffling within grades (two players with the same grade switching spots -- such as TE Tyler Eifert and WR Tavon Austin), our grades are locked in.

The only thing that could make a significant change -- positively or negatively -- is if we confirm information regarding a medical or character issue.

But for now, what you see is what you get.

All draft eligible non-seniors are denoted with an asterisk.

Big Board Bar

1 Luke Joeckel*

Analysis: Joeckel's balance, footwork and ability to recover in pass protection are outstanding. He takes good angles in the run game and gets to the second level well. Joeckel showed well against the likes of Alabama and LSU during the season, and he continues to solidify an elite grade. Previously: 1

2 Eric Fisher

Analysis: He shows good footwork and the ability to hit moving targets when pulling, and appears to have the power to create movement at the point of attack. He could anchor more effectively at times, but he has the skill set to thrive at left tackle in the NFL. Previously: 2

3 Star Lotulelei

Analysis: Lotulelei was held out of the combine because of a heart irregularity, but participated in his pro-day workout. None of the heart issues has changed his overall skill set. He could use some polish as a pass-rusher, but Lotulelei shows strong hands to shock blockers, nimble feet, good range and the ability to quickly discard blockers. Previously: 3


Dee Milliner*


Analysis: Milliner confirmed his top-end speed at the combine, adding another element to the instincts, recognition skills and discipline he shows on film. He is also reliable in run support, and while Milliner is not elite in man coverage, he's excellent in zone. Clearly the top corner on the board. Previously: 5


Dion Jordan


Analysis: Jordan posted a 4.60 in the 40-yard dash at the combine, but it's his athleticism and versatility on tape that are his biggest assets. He has fluid feet and hips and good upper-body power and lower-body explosiveness, and he can play multiple roles along the front seven. It's easy to envision him coming off the board in the top 10 overall. Previously: 4