Teddy Bridgewater an early lock

Teddy Bridgewater is smart to enter the 2014 NFL draft, with a degree in his pocket, more than 1,100 throws on his college résumé, coming off yet another exceptional bowl performance and with -- in my opinion -- a very good chance to go No. 1 overall. In an age when rookie quarterbacks are expected to play early, I feel Bridgewater is as "ready" as any QB in this draft class to adjust to life in the NFL and help a team not just compete, but win.

Let's take a quick look at his range of skills, and the possible fits on draft day.

The skill set

Watch enough of Bridgewater, and you'll rarely be exposed to a "Wow!" moment. He doesn't have huge size, a huge arm or 4.4 speed. What Bridgewater does have is a complete portfolio of skills, exceptional poise and not one significant flaw.