Sammy Watkins should go early

There really hasn't been a pause in the dominance of Sammy Watkins. And the theme has remained the same.

As a high school senior, he was one of the best players in the country, scoring in every way possible -- catching the ball, running the ball, returning punts, returning kickoffs, picking off passes. At Clemson, he was the best freshman in the country in 2011, catching 82 passes, and even running the ball 32 times, piling up 12 touchdowns. Now that he's declared for the 2014 NFL draft, he finishes with 28 touchdowns over three years, while collecting 240 catches. And while Watkins has grown in his technical ability as a wide receiver, it's always been the same idea: find a way to get the ball in his hands, because he's going to create touchdowns when he gets touches.

He's the top wide receiver on my board, and I think he'll be gone early in the draft. Here's a quick look at his skill set, and the possibilities for where he could land.