Gruden QB Camp: Tajh Boyd

ESPN NFL Insider Mike Sando went to Orlando, Fla., to watch Jon Gruden's QB Camp taping with Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd. Sando has written up Gruden's biggest takeaways from the interview and throwing sessions, in Gruden's voice.

1. There are incredible peaks and valleys in his play.

That needs to change. I want to make that point clear on Tajh Boyd. I want more consistency from him. I want to wake up Sunday morning and go to the stadium and know exactly what I'm going to get. It's like the last play of the game against Ohio State. How can you explain that? The score is 40-35 and he threw an interception. It was a quarterback draw. The coach told him to run it, and he threw an interception to a freshman.

He had 600 yards of offense and was the MVP of the game. You are going, 'Wow, wow ... oh, man, what?' Sometimes the best play is throwing the ball away. Sometimes the best play is punting the ball so your defense can go out there. Ask the Seattle Seahawks.