Which teams will draft a QB?

Blaine Gabbert hasn't emerged as a franchise QB for the Jaguars. Jeff Curry/USA TODAY Sports

Whether the move was caused by injury or lack of performance, we've seen some pretty significant changes at the quarterback position across the NFL this season. What happened in Houston with Matt Schaub seems like an old story now, but absolutely nobody saw Houston in this position at the outset of the season. Josh Freeman headed into the season looking for a return to his 2010 form in Tampa Bay and some positive inertia headed into an offseason where he was set to be a free agent. How many of us projected him as part of a messy QB conundrum in Minnesota by midseason?

And those are just two of the cases. We didn't know Brian Hoyer would be a short-term solution in Cleveland, or Kellen Clemens would be getting meaningful November reps. But here we are.

With the 2014 NFL draft class starting to come into better focus little by little, week by week, I was asked this week to look at which teams seem likely to draft a QB in May. When you say, "That team needs to draft a QB" it sounds like a team hitting the reset button. But that's not always the case. It can also be about two- and three-year planning, immediate depth, or even just about adding a commodity to be dealt later.

Let's look at some different tiers for the 2014 class.

Looking hard, looking early

Jacksonville Jaguars
Chad Henne isn't signed after this season. Blaine Gabbert is, but he's still a relatively cheap player on the final year of his rookie deal in 2014. The Jaguars have suffered through a three-year stretch of poor QB play that has defined the fall of the franchise, and has made even major personnel questions of secondary concern.