Day 2 winners and questions

Marqise Lee, Stephon Tuitt and Carlos Hyde landed in good spots on Day 2. AP Images

The beginning of the second round was preempted by some major news, which is the likely suspension of Josh Gordon (appeal pending) for the season. But once the picks got going, we saw a lot of good football players taken. Earlier on Friday I'd noted on Twitter that I saw about 18 players available at the beginning of Round 2 that could have gone to at least one team in Round 1. Bottom line: There are a bunch of players available to start Day 2 that were considered a "Round 1 talent," depending on which draft-room whiteboard you're looking at.

I could pick out a bunch of winners for Day 2, but I'll be doing TV for about 10 hours on Saturday and working on the draft grades afterward, so I'll try not to overdo it.

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Liking it

San Francisco 49ers

The picks: RB Carlos Hyde at No. 57, C Marcus Martin at No. 70, LB Chris Borland at No. 77, G Brandon Thomas at No. 100
Summary: The 49ers just added very good football players, and the value was outstanding. Not only did they move down and add some pick value, they got the top pure runner in the draft in Hyde, drafted a center I thought they could have taken at No. 30 overall way down at No. 70, then got one of the best pure football players in the draft in Borland at No. 77. These were actual needs, too. Frank Gore doesn't have a lot of tread on the tires, LaMichael James might not be around and Marcus Lattimore is still a question, so Hyde comes in able to help. Martin could be the starting center this season. Borland brings immediate depth at linebacker and could become a starter. Thomas, who will most likely sit out 2014 after tearing his ACL this spring, now becomes a possible starter in 2015 and beyond, with ability at either tackle or guard. I'm not surprised, but the 49ers nailed it.