10 potential 2015 NFL draft busts

First-round Ravens pick Breshad Perriman on dropped passes: "I've never really seen it as a weakness. But I will use that as motivation." Jamison Hensley/ESPN.com

Every year, the days following the draft are an interesting time in the NFL. Most fans -- even those of teams that have struggled season after season -- are optimistic their teams have improved and added several players who will form the core of their franchises for the next decade.

However, history shows us that simply won't be the case for more than a few players in this draft class. Every year, there are first-round picks who fail to become impact players at the next level. Using Pro Football Focus' charting of every college football game from the 2014 season, we were able to identify some first-rounders at higher risk of failing to pan out in the NFL, based on some red flags in their collegiate performances.

Here is our look at the first-round picks who give us reason to believe they could develop into draft busts:

Breshad Perriman, WR, Baltimore Ravens (No. 26 pick)