Big Board: Top 25 NFL prospects

Jameis Winston, Cedric Ogbuehi and Leonard Williams are among the top prospects for 2015. USA TODAY Sports

I like to take a little time off after the NFL draft, and this year the NFL decided to cut into that time a little bit by moving the draft into May. So it didn't feel like there was much of a pause until I dove back into the evaluation process for next year's class. While I've spent much of the past month getting this class lined up, it's time to plunge into another season and the realization that things will change plenty.

Below I've ranked my top 25 prospects for the 2015 NFL draft class, assuming all possible entrants as eligible. If you want to see a breakdown by position, I've also ranked the top 10 players across every position group. Again, that includes all eligible players.

I'll keep scouting reports consistent week to week throughout the season and only make changes regarding recent performances, unless my evaluation shifts. That said, let's dive back into "the process" and another season.

An asterisk denotes a junior for the 2014 season; two asterisks denote a redshirt sophomore.

1. **Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State Seminoles

A product of both special instincts for the position and good training, Winston's natural gifts are clear -- size, arm strength, athleticism -- but so is the ability to manipulate the pocket, see pressure early and deliver the ball to the right target. Winston does have areas to improve, however, with consistent ball placement a notable one. His off-field decision-making will be scrutinized as well, and that will certainly factor into his draft status when he declares, which might not be in 2015.