Top 10 NFL prospects by position

Marcus Mariota, Amari Cooper and Melvin Gordon are all likely top 2015 NFL draft selections. USA TODAY Sports

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This is for those of you who want to get beyond the Big Board and on to players who could help make up the draft board well into the later rounds. Here, I go into the rankings of my top 10 across every position, with a total of 150 players represented. There's still a long way to go, but this is a midseason appraisal.

Remember: I'm listing prospects under projected NFL positions, and that can be a little tough with some of the more versatile players even before you get into schemes. A college tackle could be listed at guard, a college defensive end listed at linebacker, and so on. Also: I'd give the edge to a senior over a junior in a close call at the back end of a top 10, due to the certainty the senior will be in the draft.

* Denotes a junior

** Denotes a redshirt sophomore



1. *Marcus Mariota, Oregon
2. **Jameis Winston, Florida St.
3. Bryce Petty, Baylor
4. *Brett Hundley, UCLA
5. *Connor Cook, Michigan St.
6. Sean Mannion, Oregon St.
7. *Dak Prescott, Mississippi St.
8. Cody Fajardo, Nevada
9. Shane Carden, East Carolina
10. Taylor Heinicke, Old Dominion

The obvious change here from the rankings I put out to start the season is Winston's drop from No. 1. I've been pretty clear that his off-field decision-making will be a major concern for evaluators, and it's reflected here. Mariota has seen a ton of pressure behind a shell of an offensive line, but is still completing 70 percent of his throws and hasn't been picked off once. Prescott has work to do as a thrower, but he certainly has caught the eye of scouts. Heinicke is a sleeper to watch -- he has impressed me in the few games I've been able to go through.

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