Ranking the top 10 CB prospects

Marcus Peters and Kevin Johnson both have the ability to bolster NFL secondaries. Getty Images, USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL game continuing to become more of a passing league, teams are more in need of cornerbacks than ever before. Having one or two good ones isn't enough anymore; most teams need four quality corners in order to be successful.

This year's class doesn't have extraordinary depth, but there is quality talent near the top along with players who can help strengthen teams in the back end of a defense.

This week I've put a strong focus on studying the cornerbacks in an attempt to get a pulse on the group. For comparison purposes, it is always helpful to stack up prospects' tapes back-to-back, which allows each evaluation to stay fresh in your mind as you move through the group. Below is a list of my top 10 cornerbacks at this stage of the process.

1. Marcus Peters, Washington

Peters has the most complete package of any cornerback in the class. He has good size and strength and is loaded with athletic ability. He also shows impressive overall awareness and recognizes route concepts, and he quickly locates and plays the ball.