Combine's impact on top 5 picks

Which quarterback will Tampa Bay select with the No. 1 overall pick? AP Photo

The 2015 NFL combine is in the books. Who stood out, and what will it mean come April 30 when the first round of the draft kicks off? Here are my top seven takeaways from Indianapolis, starting with why I believe FSU's Jameis Winston has a better chance to be the No. 1 pick than Oregon's Marcus Mariota:

1. The favorite to go No. 1 overall to the Buccaneers is Winston.

I could see Tampa Bay going with either Winston or Mariota with the top pick. But when I watch the tape on these guys, there's a clear difference between the two. Winston is second only to Andrew Luck among NFL quarterback prospects of the past 10 years, in my mind, if you base things solely off of what guys have done on the field.