Winston's INTs aren't a problem

Jameis Winston's high interception rate at Florida State shouldn't be cause for concern. Rob Tringali for ESPN

Jameis Winston threw 18 interceptions in his final season at Florida State -- three more than any other Power 5 player, and tied for the second most in the nation.

For some draft analysts, Winston's interceptions are not a concern. Todd McShay, for instance, ranks Winston as the best on-field quarterback prospect not named Andrew Luck he has evaluated in the past decade. But for other analysts, Winston's turnovers are a red flag.

At least one influential figure in the NFL draft, Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Jason Licht, expressed concern about Winston's inability to protect the football. In a recent interview with MMQB's Peter King, Licht noted, "Usually you find when a guy throws interceptions in college that doesn't go away in the pros."

Can we expect Winston to have an unusually high interception rate in the NFL?

College interceptions do not correlate with NFL interception rates