12 things: The new NFL OT rule

Roger Goodell and the Competition Committee pushed through a new overtime rule. Andrew Weber/US Presswire

In the case of the NFL's new overtime rule, never has such a small, simple -- but much needed -- change taken so much time and caused so much debate. I found that out for myself recently while reporting my story in the current New Year New Rules issue of ESPN The Magazine on the process of how an idea becomes a rule in the conservative, and sometime convoluted, inner-workings of the NFL.

Starting on Jan. 8 in the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs, instead of ending an overtime game, a field goal on the opening possession of OT will merely extend the contest. Although a touchdown by either team, at any time, wins the game, if the teams trade field goals, then the next team to score wins.


Wait until Bill Belichick follows a field goal in overtime in the AFC Championship Game by recovering an onside kick. (Game over.)

Anyway, while I was reporting for my story in The Mag, I spent hours interviewing folks on different sides of the Rule 16 debate.

Here are 12 outtakes from those discussions: