12 things: How Seattle can win

Matt Hasselbeck needs to turn back the clock in order for Seattle to pull an upset. Chuck Cook/US Presswire

I covered Super Bowl XLII and after watching the 12-point underdog New York Giants, a wild-card team, take down the unbeaten New England Patriots, I swore I'd never count out another team in the NFL playoffs ever again.

Well, the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks, the (say it with me now) first team in NFL history to win its division with a losing record are really putting my philosophy of hope to the test. Not only are they facing the defending champions, this is a team that, basically, can't run the ball and a few weeks ago got blown out by the San Francisco 49ers. No wonder the Seahawks are going to end up at least as 10-point underdogs at home tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I, for one, refuse to mock the Hawks.

Instead, I scratched and clawed, racked my brain, (and, yes, invented) 12 Things that could lead to the Seahawks taking their place next to the Giants, Villanova and Buster Douglas among the greatest upsets in sports history.