12 things: How Seattle can win

The Seahawks would be wise to feed Marshawn Lynch the ball against Chicago. Dennis Wierzbicki/US Presswire

This time of year in the NFL there's something more important than home-field advantage, more critical than the run game and more essential than defense.

It's called momentum. And that's the first reason the Seattle Seahawks can shock the football-watching world again this weekend.


In the age of uber-parity, games in the NFL postseason are often decided by the slimmest of margins, which is why nearly every year one of the 12 teams seems to get on a roll and surf that wave of emotion all the way to the Super Bowl.

Last week, only the most brilliant, experienced and (super, super lucky) prescient football minds in the business -- like me -- were able to spot that momentum blossoming in Seattle and predict a Seahawks victory over the New Orleans Saints.

The question now is: Can the Seahawks continue to ride that wave through Chicago and on to the NFC title game?

Well, sure they can, as long as they continue to follow my advice.