Cowboys had offseason priorities in order

If there is one thing we have learned about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Bill Parcells, it is that they don't believe in mediocrity. It won't be tolerated and, when it occurs, drastic measures will be taken.

That is why it wasn't surprising to see Dallas come out firing during the 2006 offseason. The 2005 season was a bitter pill for both Jones and Parcells to swallow. After starting 7-3, the Cowboys went 2-4 down the stretch and missed the playoffs.

Yes, we knew drastic measures would be taken. How drastic? You can't get much more drastic than adding moody superstar wide receiver Terrell Owens. Isn't this the same man who desecrated the famed star at midfield, not once but twice in a game back in 2000? Isn't this the same man Cowboys fans love to hate?

Well, that is why Jones is one of the best owners in the NFL. He doesn't get caught up in the past. He is all about winning, and maybe a little about the bottom line as I am sure those No. 81 Owens jerseys are flying out of the stores at a pretty rapid rate.

Only time will tell whether this is a good move, but like him or not, Owens makes plays on Sunday. He plays hard, and gives everything he has when he steps between the lines. That is something some members of this Dallas team can't say.

Although Owens is a major piece of the puzzle in Dallas, there were other things the team accomplished this offseason. Let's check in on the Cowboys and see what else they have done to try to get back to the playoffs.