Wayne surpasses Harrison as Colts' best option at receiver

It's always been hard to label theIndianapolis Colts receivers. I have said many times that Marvin Harrison is the No. 1 receiver and Reggie Wayne is 1-A. But that is no longer the case this season. With Harrison nicked up and showing his age even when healthy, it is Wayne who is doing the heavy lifting for the Colts.

When both receivers are healthy, Harrison aligns on the right side about 95 percent of the time. For a right-handed quarterback like Peyton Manning, it would make sense that his first read is to his right and he has a clear view in his dropback. Wayne, on the left side, would be the backside receiver. I went back and looked at tape from last season as well as this year and noticed that even when Harrison is healthy, a lot of Manning's first looks actually are to his left. That means Wayne is on the front side of a lot more plays. Playing on the left side also means Wayne, in most instances, is lined up against the opposing team's No. 2 corner. There is not a No. 2 corner in the NFL who can match up with Wayne in man-to-man situations.

Reggie Wayne