Film Notes: Big D's run game dominating

After breaking down film, here is Scouts Inc.'s take on what to watch this weekend.

1. Dallas sticking with lead draw play

The Cowboys had great success with this play in Week 3 versus Carolina and it could become a staple of their run game. When QB Tony Romo drops back, it looks like a pass and oftentimes linebackers and defensive backs "bail out" in coverage, which really opens up run lanes for the Cowboys' backs to maneuver. The difference with this draw play is that it operates out of an I-formation. In three big runs against the Panthers, the Cowboys led with four different fullbacks -- Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett, John Phillips and Deon Anderson. Romo does a nice job of looking off defensive backs to lure them to one side before the play develops to the back side, and it creates favorable isolation blocks for the fullbacks. This is a great play for Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, who are both excellent open-field runners.