Film Notes: Packers' O-line in turmoil

After breaking down film, Scouts Inc. gives its take on what to watch in the NFL this weekend:

Packers' pass protection failing Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers now has been sacked 37 times, and six of those sacks were registered Sunday by a mediocre Tampa Bay pass rush. We know his offensive line is not very good, but when you watch the film, there are problems beyond that. This is a West Coast offense that preaches three- and five-step drops, and yet, you have a QB who loves the vertical passing game, which takes longer to develop. Rodgers simply doesn't have the luxury of seven-step drops and deep routes with his poor pass protection. Beyond the offensive line issues, Rodgers is holding on to the ball too long to extend the play, his receivers are not adjusting their routes when they are in trouble, the backs and tight ends are not stepping up and helping versus the pass rush and blitz, and Rodgers does not look for his checkdowns as the pressure develops. What is most alarming about the Packers' pass protection issues is that most defenses are bringing only a four-man rush with limited blitzing.