Jaguars can fluster Manning

The Jaguars have had success playing the Colts. They've flustered Peyton Manning and beaten this team up a few times. The reason for that is because the Jaguars have the ability to sustain pressure on Manning without having to resort to the blitz. They are able to get in Manning's face with their four down linemen and drop seven into coverage. The seven men in coverage force Manning to hold the ball longer to wait for routes to finish. Meanwhile, the defense is getting in his face and forcing bad throws.

I don't expect that to change this week. This Jaguars' defense has arguably the best tackle tandem in the league with Marcus Stroud and John Henderson anchoring this line. They are playing at a high level this season and will continue to give the Jaguars that upfield push to force Manning into poor throws.

The Jags will have their hands full because we're seeing an extremely potent and efficient Colts offense. This offense hit another gear in last season's playoffs when tight end Dallas Clark started to take over. He has been fantastic since last season's playoffs, and I feel he was the MVP of that playoff run that ended with a Colts' Super Bowl victory.