No blueprint for Patriots

The big story line coming out of the New England Patriots' 31-28 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles is whether the Eagles gave the rest of the league the so-called blueprint for stopping the Patriots' offense. There are some who believe the Baltimore Ravens will be able to use this blueprint to upset the Patriots on "Monday Night Football" (ESPN, 8:30 p.m. ET).

The problem, though, is that this story line is just that ... a story. The key to beating the Patriots is to slow down that offense, and the Eagles didn't do that. Philadelphia scored 31 points against a very good defense, controlled the clock and was 10-of-16 on third downs. We're are so used to this Patriots team blowing opponents out that because this was a close game, pundits are saying the Eagles found the way to stop the Patriots, when they actually didn't.

If the new definition of stopping Tom Brady is to limit him to 380 passing yards and one touchdown, then he should just be given the MVP trophy every year from now until he retires, because those are Canton numbers.