Patriots lack explosiveness

Patriots QB Matt Cassel has struggled of late, throwing interceptions in each of the last three games. Kirby Lee/Image of Sport/US Presswire

The New England Patriots aren't getting explosive plays from Matt Cassel so far this season. He's only averaging 1.6 20-plus yard passing plays per game, while Tom Brady averaged 3.7 last season. Also, 81 percent of Cassel's passes have been for 10 yards or fewer and 24 percent of those passes have gone to receivers behind the line of scrimmage. That lack of explosiveness has contributed to the stagnation in the Patriots' offense.

• Part of the reason the New York Giants had so many problems offensively Monday night was because of the absence of FB Madison Hedgecock. Going into the game, Hedgecock had been on the field for 45 percent of the Giants' snaps, but against Cleveland he was only on the field for eight plays.