Dolphins should lean on RB duo

Miami's much-anticipated running back duo has finally taken off the past two weeks. Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have averaged just under five yards per carry in this time. Despite this showing, the Dolphins still rank 17th in the league in yards per game. Interestingly, the Dolphins rank sixth in yards per attempt.

How is it that the Dolphins can rank so high in yards per attempt yet so low in yards per game? This question led me to do a detailed analysis of the Dolphins' running game. I wanted to answer three questions. First, how do each of the Dolphins' offensive linemen grade out? Second, how successful is Miami in each of the major types of running plays? Third, which plays do Ricky and Ronnie run well/poorly?

In grading individual offensive linemen, I simply wanted to know how successful the Dolphins were when running plays behind each linemen. When I break down a running play, two things I track are what type of running play was executed (i.e., counter, trap, slant, etc.) and which offensive linemen were blocking at the point of attack.