Unheralded Parker has high value

Who was the best wide receiver in the NFL last season? When I rank receivers, I am looking for pass catchers with well-rounded skill sets. I want players who are both productive and efficient, but I place more emphasis on efficiency. I use this approach because to be both highly efficient and productive, you must have a wider variety of talents.

In ranking wide receiver efficiency, I use the same three criteria I used for tight ends in last week's rankings. The first two are TYPCA (total yards per catchable attempt) and success percentage. The third metric is derived by multiplying TYPCA by the wide receiver's success percentage. This combination metric provides the best overall balance between production and efficiency and is the one I used to determine who was the most efficient wide receiver. There is a 40-catch minimum to qualify.

I'll detail the top five receivers in this category, starting from the No. 5 spot and counting up to No. 1.