Hall, Gamble don't deserve hype

No position in the NFL is judged more by hype than accomplishment like cornerback. One good performance in a nationally televised game can mean more to a cornerback's reputation than a season's worth of good play on a bad team.

One of the things I enjoy most is cutting through this kind of subjective analysis. It is in this frame of mind that I present my list of the five most overrated and underrated cornerbacks in the NFL. Keep in mind these are not necessarily the best or worst players at this position. These are simply the players whose reputations don't match their performance level.

1. Anthony Henry, Dallas Cowboys -- Henry's reputation suffers from being lined up opposite Terence Newman, but his metrics are actually better than Newman's (6.5 yards per attempt for Henry versus 7.8 for Newman). Henry's metrics are even more impressive when you realize he is targeted nearly twice as often as Newman (75 pass attempts thrown at Henry to 44 for Newman).