Bills must help Losman

Last week's chatters on SportsNation once again came up with a number of good questions, so this week's article is dedicated to giving expanded answers to some of those questions.

Tony (Rochester, N.Y.): Hey, KC, I've been wondering about J.P. Losman. What were his 2006 metrics like? What's your analysis of his play last year?

When he threw long passes, Losman was one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the league. His 21.2 YPA on bomb passes (passes thrown 30 or more yards downfield) was the fifth best in the NFL. His 52.0 percent success rate on deep passes (20-29 yards) was the seventh best in the league among quarterbacks with at least 20 deep pass attempts, so he was very efficient as well. Losman's deep and bomb pass numbers look even better when you consider he had only one bad decision on passes at those depth levels.