Here come the Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh, seen here dropping Eli Manning, has been a big part of the Lions' upswing on D. Getty Images

The Ford Motor Company is in the midst of one of the greatest turnarounds of the early 21st century; only two years ago, the automotive giant had a $14.8 billion annual loss, the biggest in its history. Times were really bad and the company's future was truly on the line.

Today, things look very bright for the Dearborn, Mich.,-based corporation. Recent reports had Ford recording higher than expected earnings, increased market share and a decreased amount of debt.

Automobiles aren't the only business area in which the Ford family is seeing a superb amount of foresight and planning lead to a turnaround. They may be sporting a 2-5 record, but after doing a review of some game tapes and metrics of the 2010 Detroit Lions, it is clear that head coach Jim Schwartz is directing a similar upgrade plan for his football club.