The Giants are a Super Bowl sleeper

Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning could be headed to another Super Bowl if pieces fall into place. Getty Images

There are seasons in which figuring out which team in a conference is going to make the Super Bowl is much like watching a classic Secretariat race -- it is clear to all who is going to win as soon the gates open up.

The 2010 season looks like it could be much more like a Zenyatta contest (that's the horse that won 19 straight races to start her career, with many of those coming when she started at the back of the pack and then charged ahead late in the race to claim the victory).

There are numerous NFL teams that might fit that last description, but the most apt is the New York Giants. They certainly aren't getting as much Super Bowl contender attention as a team tied for first place in the NFC East might be expected to get, but statistically speaking there are a number of reasons to think this team should be considered one of the title front runners.