Taylor becomes the Redskins' savior

The fact that the Washington Redskins were able to bring in Jason Taylor now is a huge advantage. Leadership and camaraderie are built in the first weeks of training camp before preseason games begin and some semblance of a game-week routine develops. Taylor can move out of a bad situation in Miami and start adapting to a new system and building chemistry with his new teammates, giving him a chance to maximize his impact both on and off the field. This is not how things usually work on the personnel side, and both teams got lucky with the timing.

Taylor will be a three-down player, will have to be accounted for on every snap, and will make the entire defense better. Offensive coordinators will be forced to slide protection toward Taylor, which will give DEs Andre Carter, Demetric Evans and Chris Wilson and DT Cornelius Griffin plenty of one-on-one matchups in third-down, sub-passing situations. Defensive coordinator Greg Blache also will be allowed a lot more versatility within his pressure packages.