Kiper's Summer Audits: AFC East

Brady, Revis and Marshall are among the AFC East's best, but first-year guys could shape the division. US Presswire

The draft is obviously the focal point of the NFL offseason for me, but it certainly doesn't end there. The picks are only half the equation. How they fit is where the draft is really made. And part of that has to factor in the personnel that teams have added around them.

So with the draft clearly in mind, let's do a quick summer audit on the situations of the teams in the AFC East. This is the eighth and final installment of this series; you can find all the pieces in one place by going here. What I'll do is hit three things:

1. A crucial influx such as an impact player or position group.

2. Question marks that still linger.
3. If the team had a chance to pick anyone from the 2011 draft class right now to address a hole, whom it would be. (Whether a team has an early pick in next year's draft isn't the issue -- it's just a hypothetical involving top college talent and current needs.)

So call it a checkup and a look-ahead wrapped together -- part deep projection, part current need.